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Learn how to recover failed projects with the least amount of pain

PJAN 210

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Jamal El Ali, author of Project Janitor: Cleaning Other Manager’s Mess, talks about the importance of project recovery.

Discover how easy it is to:

  1. Apply Jamal's Four-Step Process to recover failing projects
  2. Assess the issues confidently to determine the next steps
  3. Put the brakes on the project to reduce further damages
  4. Determine the problem's root cause and fix them quickly
  5. Ensure that you are on top of the overall recovery process
  6. Stabilize the project and orient it to the desired trajectory
  7. Stay out of the janitor's closet but join the Project Janitor's Club!

Wanna learn how to rescue your project?

This course provides a step-by-step process to achieve the project's objectives successfully. Whether you are new to recovering troubled projects or have done this before, this course will help you discover new techniques to augment your skills

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The Troubled Project Continuum

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