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Successful Project Delivery

The Impact of project success on organizations:

1. Winners - The customer, performing organization, project manager and team, consultants
2. A positive situation for all of the "for" project stakeholders (internal and external)
3. Achieve financial, market share, reputational gains
4. Meet legal and mandatory requirements
5. Mitigate risks and exposure for the organization
6. A win for project management methodology
7. Achieve organizational objectives to help improve organizational performance

Characteristics of Successful Projects

1 . Are completed within the constraints
2. Meet the organizational intent
3. Deliver the expected business benefits
4. Deliver a product that can be used as it was intended and to the end-user’s satisfaction
5. Project team satisfaction

Failed Project Delivery

The Impact of project failure on organizations:

1. Failure, embarrassment to the project owner/sponsor
2. Legal implications
3. Financial / reputational / time / opportunity losses due to unfulfilled objectives
4. Depending on the company's market position and the strategic nature of the project, it could go bankrupt or loose a significant amount of market share
5. Bad reflection on the reputation and trust of the party that was managing the project
6. Potential difficulty in securing future project management engagements

The Chaos Report 2016

1. In 2015, 71% of the projects failed or were challenged
2. 29% were on time, on budget with a satisfactory result

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