Project Recovery Training

This project recovery training provides you with the fundamental knowledge and skills to successfully rescue failing projects and deliver them successfully from beginning to end, regardless of their size and scope.

**Level: Intermediate**

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Key Features of this Project Recovery Training:

  • Learn a structured recovery framework based on Jamal’s Four-Step Process to recover failing projects
  • The framework is based on PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition and is aligned with PMI’s key project management concepts
  • The course consists of 34 video lessons

You Will Learn How To:

  • Apply Jamal’s Four-Step Process to recover failing projects
  • Determine the problems’ root causes and fix them swiftly
  • Assess the issues confidently to determine the status and next steps
  • Create and execute the required recovery plans
  • Ensure that you are on top of the recovery process
  • Stabilize the project and orient it to the desired trajectory
  • Setup future projects for success
  • Lead a project from beginning to end successfully

Course Outline

Module 1 - Holy shit! What a mess! What should I do next?
1.1 - Determine the magnitude of the problem
1.2 - Help is available for all of your project issues
1.3 - Use Jamal’s Four-Step Process
1.4 - Embrace a focused attitude and stay positive

Module 2 - Put the brakes on the project! Start the assessments
2.1 - Engage key players and build allies
2.2 - Navigate the politics without pissing off people
2.3 - Perform assessments efficiently and effectively
2.4 - Conduct comprehensive interviews

Module 3 - Determine why the project is failing and troubled
3.1 - Analyze the project data
3.2 - Determine the project failure factors
3.3 - Identify any risks to project recovery
3.4 - Prepare the assessments’ report

Module 4 - Validate that you are on top of the recovery process
4.1 - Verify the project assessments
4.2 - Ensure all interviews were conducted
4.3 - Evaluate the assessments’ report quality
4.4 - Reaffirm stakeholder support

Module 5 - Stabilize the project and define the immediate next steps
5.1 - Get stakeholder support on the assessments’ report
5.2 - Determine whether to recover or terminate the project
5.3 - Reset stakeholders’ expectations
5.4 - Create an actionable recovery plan

Module 6 - Start the recovery and restore it to a useful condition
6.1 - Execute the steps of the recovery plan
6.2 - Focus on recovery “end state”
6.3 - Manage the stakeholder’s expectations
6.4 - Closely monitor execution and be proactive

Module 7 - Project recovered! Stay out of the janitor’s closet
7.1 - Complete a formal lessons learned
7.2 - Update the stakeholders on the recovery status
7.3 - Complete the transition to the project team
7.4 - Conduct exit review meeting and get sign-off

Module 8 - Build your reputation! Join the Project Janitor Club
8.1 - Comply with the organization’s code of conduct
8.2 - Manage the stakeholders and build trust
8.3 - Build consistent and repeatable processes
8.4 - Earn the respect as a project recovery expert

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